Friday, September 28, 2012

Asha 308 & 309 to the latest from Nokia

Antartikaraya - Mobile Asha still be excellent for Nokia. Evidently, the Finnish company continues to enrich the family of Asha line with the launch of the latest phones Asha 308 and 309.

Nokia chose Indonesia as the first country to launch two new series Asha. "This new product is a premium with stylish, compact body. Designs are also presented beautifully," said Nokia VP of Product Marketing, Jussi Nevanlinna in Hotel, Four Season Tuesday (09/25/2012).

Nevanlinna claim both of these phones have internet access yan smart, especially since it can save up to 90 percent of the consumption data. "Consumption efficient data will not only benefit the operator, but also the users," he said.

Even so, there is a difference between the two phones, Asha 308 supports the use of dual SIM without a WiFi connection. The use of dual SIM fairly easy, because the user can install a second SIM card is in the device without the need to remove the battery first.

In the meantime, though Asha 309 only supports the use of a single SIM, but this phone has support for WiFi connections.

"This latest phone is a wonderful device, which is equipped with a smart internet that will help the user experience," said Head of Developer Experience Nokia APAC Srikanth Raju.

Asha Duo is a device that supports 2G, with WQGA 3-inch capacitive screen, and comes up to 32 GB microSD slot. Both phones also comes with Nokia Navigation.


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