Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Canada, the BlackBerry is still Quite Popular, Being in Second Place After iPhone

BlackBerry Mobile which is the creation of the Research in Motion (RIM) still seems to be the Canadian public option. In a country where the headquarters of RIM, BlackBerry mobile phone ranks second with sales rate reached 27 percent.

The data was revealed in a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid. In the survey, Apple's iPhone is ranked first with a difference that is not too far away from BlackBerry, which is 29 percent.

And what about the producers of Android phones? It seems that the Android OS is not so popular in Canada. Overall, Ipsos noted that the sale of all Android phones only reached 36 percent. They did not mention Samsung is ranked number. This is quite surprising, because in other countries, a smartphone manufacturer Samsung terpopuler.Secara Overall, the use of smartphones in Canada is quite high, reaching 40 percent.

If the BlackBerry phone not far adrift with the iPhone, it is not the case with the BlackBerry PlayBook. In the same data, Ipsos noted that the iPad sits as the most popular tablet sales rate reached 42 percent. While the PlayBook sits in second place with a difference very much, which is 19 percent. In third place, the tablet from Samsung Galaxy series with the percentage of 9 percent.

With this survey, it appears that RIM can breathe a little sigh of relief. At least, at home alone, BlackBerry mobile phone is still a choice than Android phones.


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