Sunday, September 30, 2012

Samsung displays feature Multi Windows in Galaxy Note II

Antartika Raya - Exciting new features and advanced recently introduced by Samsung in its newest product, the Galaxy II Notes. Is a multi-window feature allows owners of the Galaxy Note II to mmenjalankan some applications in extra large screen Galaxy Note II. And, to show off the advanced features, Samsung also made a video. In the video, the Samsung also demonstrated the ability of mobile phones to open multiple applications simultaneously.

With this phone, you can split the screen the Galaxy Note II in two parts. Currently, there are some applications that can run only with these features, browser, Note S, messaging and some other applications. How to use the features of multiple windows is also quite easy. You just use the S Pen to set the window size each.

Galaxy Note II itself is one of the latest advanced products from Samsung. Besides having interesting features, specs this phone is not inferior to other high end phones. With an extra large 5.5 inch screen combined with a quad-core processor, making this phone a good choice for a favorite gadget.


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