Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Japan there is an Advanced Lighting Flashlight Using Salt Water and Can Be Used For Mobile Charger

Anatartika Raya- Flashlight lights using an energy source such as a battery or the like are used. But what if a flashlight that uses a combination of salt and water as the main power?

Flashlight type is created by a company called Green House. Flashlight named GH-LED10WBW does not require dry batteries, rechargeable batteries or the like to make it produce light.


By entering the water and salt in a flashlight, you can get lighting for nearly 8 hours per filling water. How to use this flashlight is very easy. You only need 350 ml of brine. The water also has a special place in the back of the flashlight.

Salt water on this flashlight then serves as the electrolyte along with magnesium rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode) in the flashlight. Flashlight is able to produce 55 lumens of light.

Magnesium rod flashlight can last up to 120 hours. You can replace the rod because the company also provide separately.

Besides can be used for flashlight, this tool can also be used for other energy sources. How, you just plug the USB that is on this tool. So, can also be used as cell phone charger.


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